“We highly value the NQV8 team’s expertise, guidance and support as our company navigates the pet food sourcing and manufacturing world. Any new pet food brand would benefit from engaging NQV8 as a partner. The team is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and well-connected, and has worked tirelessly to help us achieve lightning-fast growth.” – Current NQV8 Client

Partnering when it matters most.

“Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.” – Mark Twain

Your brand and concepts are extremely unique. NQV8 works with vetted early stage startups; pet entrepreneurs and founders to create a custom solution tailored to your specific requirements. We are your trusted guide and partner on this journey together.

From Concept through successful commercialization, we know the path forward. Combining innovation with incubation and strategy with execution; we are with you all the way.

By Facilitating, Connecting and aligning interests and expectations of the most exciting and innovative companies in pet nutrition with a world class network of validated Tier One Producers; essential critical influencers and experienced supply experts, our team will use focused project management; engaged oversight, great effort and continuous improvement to produce results you can count on.

No matter the product type or application, we are up for the challenge.

We know where you are coming from, and we’re prepared to help. Let us come along side and carry some of the load. Our experienced, tested team will guide and partner with you on this challenging and rewarding journey and help you navigate the pitfalls of the ever changing pet food industry and produce the outcomes you need.


I recently worked with the NQV8 team on behalf of a start-up pet food client who was looking to both raise capital and find an experienced team of pet food experts to help ensure a successful launch. Lo and behold, NQV8 offered a solution to both needs! Not only did their experienced team of experts help set my client up for maximum success in the launch of their highly-innovative food, but they also became the lead investor in the company. A true win-win. NQV8’s ability to both invest and consult truly sets them apart in the pet industry.
Carol Frank
Managing Director, BirdsEye Advisory Group
As an emerging brand that's at the very beginning of our journey, the NQV8 team has served as our north star as we navigate the strategic planning phase of our business. The team has been a fully embedded partner, adding value across all areas of product strategy and development. Their combined 100 years of experience is evident at every turn, and we continue to feel confident that with them by our side, we are building something incredibly special.
Terri Rockovich
Co-Founder & CEO, JINX
I am always impressed with the NQV8 team. They have detailed knowledge and experience in all aspects of the industry which allows them to develop real world solutions. They also have the connections and relationships to execute their proposals which really sets them apart.
Kent Hemphill
President, Darford
Group of great people giving those that dream to get into the pet space a fighting chance. You utilize a wealth of knowledge and resources to paint a picture for them of what success looks like and what it takes to get there.
Justin Lutz
National Accounts Manager, Plastic Packaging Technologies, LLC
Working with NQV8 has been a key factor in our success. They have been generous in providing operational wisdom and pushed us hard from an innovation standpoint. More importantly, they do what they say they will do, and attack your projects as their own.
Mitch Felderhoff
4th Generation Owner, President of Sales and Marketing, Muenster Milling Co.
NQV8 joined our venture HAPPYBOND as an extension to our team. Their expertise, compassion and support for our project brought incomparable results. NQV8’s diverse point of views and solution oriented approach with attention to details is a rare find in a partner. Having access to their immense network of industry experts is part of a successful execution. We truly value having their support!
Anja Skodda
Founder/CEO, Happy Bond
The NQV8 team quickly proves their value by not only connecting the dots of pet food production and compliance, but uncovering other dots that may not be fully on the radar. They have been great to work with and are fully capable of ground-up development or simply adding value to an existing project.
Scott Eller
Founder/CEO, Full Life Wellness
The NQV8 team has brought a well-balanced support system to our new business developments efforts. Our company is in a rapid growth phase and the project management and expertise provided by NQV8 has been very helpful to our team in keeping projects moving and customers happy. NQV8 has been very professional, communicative, and just easy to work with.
Tommy Gay
Co-Founder & President, Big Creek Foods
The NQV8 team has been both a great partner and guide as we’ve scaled our business. They have great industry experience and as such have enabled us to move quickly while keeping an eye on quality. This is a long term partnership that we value every day.
Anne Carlson
CEO, Jiminy’s
John Kuenzi, a well-known leader in the pet food industry, combined with his team at NQV8 have vast industry knowledge and manufacturing expertise which makes them a valuable resource. NQV8’s attention to detail, brand expertise, and formulation experience makes them a trusted partner.
David McLain
CEO & President, Alphia
The NQV8 team has deep experience in manufacturing and getting products to market. It goes without saying, but they're some of the most well connected folks in the pet industry and always know a way to get your product made! As an emerging brand, having NQV8 on our side tipped the scales in our favor. They introduced us to a leading manufacturer, and without NQV8, we're not sure if they would've taken the time, since the best manufacturers are always slammed. We also leveraged NQV8's deep product and manufacturing knowledge to expedite the product development process, and as we moved into full scale production, their team helped manage the process and truly set us up for long term success. Over the last year, we've worked with them on a continuous basis, and at this point, we consider them an extension of our team. We are always happy to recommend the NQV8 team!
Pat Barron
Co-Founder, Native Pet
I’ve known John and the NQV8 team for many years and consider their knowledge of safe pet food manufacturing second to no one in the industry. The team John has assembled are of the highest integrity and world class leaders in pet food manufacturing quality and productivity assessment. The NQV8 team takes on each assignment as if it is their own plant and pulls no punches when it comes to food safety. Their expertise of dry, wet and baked pet food plants helps them customize the deliverable for each assignment.
Brian Connolly
CEO, Natural Balance
For our company, the NQV8 team has been a great resource of industry expertise in the areas of pet food industry manufacturing capabilities and standards. The insights they provide are complementary and additive to those from our own manufacturing and leadership teams. We look forward to continuing NQV8's consultation support of our business.
Ryan James
SR Vice President of Sales, Simmons Pet Food, Inc.
Working with the NQV8 team is a wonderful experience. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and are able to keep complex pet food projects moving forward on time. Their connections to the industry and insight make them a very valuable resource for anyone that is looking to start a new pet food brand, expand their existing product portfolio, or relaunch their existing line of products. I am always excited when I learn of another project with NQV8, as it means the project will be run smoothly, efficiently, and the product will definitely succeed. I always learn a few things along the way, and laugh a lot, both of which are important for any project too!
Carolyn Kennedy
Owner, CK Nutrition
At previous accelerators, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest startups in the pet space. I’ve worked closely with NQV8 and some of those same startups in a very synergistic way. They are positive and professional. They bring to the table a wide variety of talents and skills necessary for startups to positively move from initial concepts through the execution of their go to market strategy. They work closely with outstanding Tire One Co Producers and industry experts. Many of the startups have gone on to successful product launches and later stage funding rounds which is the true indication of a viable business model. As someone who has ran several different large incubators in my career, I see the kinds of services NQV8 provides as necessary to greatly improve the odds in these startup’s favor.
Asad Butts
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“If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.”
– Elon Musk


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